Kathleen (divachorusgirl) wrote,


I was really surprised reading my past few entries; I sound very bitter and jaded. I'm not, I've just been burned real good (as we all get at some moment in our lives) and letting it out here. I was kind of amused, because if people read my journal and know me in real life they're going to think I'm bipolar.

I'm just letting go and ranting in here, this pretend world, so I can be happy in the real world. : ) So far, it's working. It's not that I feel like I can't talk to real people about my problems, I just don't want to sit and bich people's ears off when something gets deeper to me than it should. I've been very sensitive and tender-hearted lately, but then I always am. And I'm always caught off guard by it!

I bawled vmy eyes out listening to the Pilgrim's Chorus and the Pearl Fishers' duet (Placido and Sherrill Milnes, of course). I've heard both probably a hundred times apiece and cried every single one of them. I also always, ALWAYS cry at the end of "And Maggie Makes Three," which is an episode of the Simpsons.

I feel good today. I feel better than I have for the past few days, actually.

....I wonder if anyone is reading this? I'll have to check my friends' page to see who's on it.

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